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Getting Started with Windows Phone 8 Development

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Can I Have Some Links, Please.
Can I Have Some Links, Please

So, you got tools to getting started with Windows Phone 8 Development, but don’t know how to do it? How do I design my UI?  In this post I will try to answer to these questions. If you don’t know where to get tools, visit my previous Windows Phone 8 Development, Dark Side.

First Tutorial

I’m not going to  copy paste tutorials from Microsoft website here. Instead go a head visit Microsoft Development Site and make tutorial from there. Of course after you’ve read this blog post.

There’s two possible options to start:

There’s loads of resources loaded behind these two links, read them thoroughly.

Yes, you can do Windows Phone 8 Development with JavaScript. Though I’ve done WinaBlip, a Blipfoto application for Windows Phone 8, with C#. Reason is purely educational – I wanted to learn C#.


Port an Existing App

Surprise,  surprise, Microsoft have made tutorials and comparisons how to port your existing iOS or Android application to Windows Phone 8. Here’ s small introductory video:

Resources for porting  applications are not only Windows Phone 8 specific, but universal to whole Windows Runtime Platform. So, here’s the link to main website of porting applications:


Design Principles

There are some UI design principles than should be fallowed. They differ from iOS and Android and requires little a bit investigating. Some of the basic principles of UI design to Windows Phone 8 to get you started:

  • Don’t create buttons just for buttons, use UI elements as buttons.
  • Make your UI for Portrait and Landscape
  • Make your UI scale to different screen resolutions
  • Try to use UI with your thumb, if you can’t – redesign

Whole bunch of guides how to design your application properly can be found behind this link:

Take a look before you start making your million dollar app.


Every developer needs API description. Well, here it is, all-in-one:



We need forums, support from other developers. Here’s forum just for Windows Phone 8 Development:



If you want to fallow tips and tricks from Microsoft, subscribe to their blog:



Getting proper resources can be a bit tricky sometimes. Microsoft is trying to embed Windows Desktop, Phone and RT development which is causing some resources to be hidden inside Microsoft webpages. Luckily there’s somewhat active development community so you can always use google if you can’t find answer from Microsoft pages.

Here’s all links in one:

Python Tutorial

Here’s all of my Python tutorial in a one Post. There’s still some chapters to be written so I will add them also here when published.Python

Python is interpreted, high-level and very readable programming language. It supports object-oriented, functional and imperative programming. It does not include curly brackets to indicate scope. Python uses indentation to separate code blocks. Language rejects Perl philosophy: “there is more than one way to do it” in favour of  “there should be one—and preferably only one—obvious way to do it”.

Python Tutorial – Basics

Python Tutorial – Dictionaries

Python Tutorial – Lists

Python Tutorial – List Comprehensions

Python Tutorial – List Comprehensions

PythonThis Python Tutorial post will introduce a very cool technique for Object Oriented guy like me: List Comprehensions. It provides way to create new lists while doing some operations to elements in the list.

List Comprehensions

Lets take a simple example how you would create a list of numbers in a range multiplied with two. Quite school example, but hang on.

This gets the job done. For object oriented guy this would be standard way to do this. There’s luckily shorter way to do same with comprehension.

Inside brackets first part is expression and after that there is for clause. Comprehension can has an optional part that can contain zero or more for and if clauses.

Here is an example of if clause in list comprehension.

Now comes the part that things get a bit ugly. Here are two versions of flattening loops.

I find the first version completely unusable because it looks very messy. I would gladly use latter version because you can understand it with one glimpse.


I started this post with saying that List Comprehensions are cool. They still are and somewhat usable way to shorten your code.

List Comprehension comes with a price. They are almost always harder to read than their clearer versions. Think twice before writing something just for less lines of code.